How Vancouver is Making Health and Well-being Everyone’s Business

This PlanH short video showcases the powerful work being done on the City of  Vancouver’s ‘A Healthy City For All’ strategy – an integrated, multi-sectoral approach to collaboration towards a healthier city. The initiative includes 13 goals, with associated targets and indicators to track progress and outcomes over ten years. With goals including affordable housing for all, being and feeling safe and included, and being free to express ourselves, the strategy should make a dramatic difference in Vancouver residents’ health and wellbeing in every area of their lives.

The City of Vancouver has focused on breaking down silos and including as much multisectoral collaboration as possible to ensure that the strategy is effective in creating positive change in the areas of healthy people, healthy communities, and healthy environment.  To this end, the initiative is guided by a 30-member Leadership Table composed of public, private and voluntary sector leaders; it is co-chaired by the City Manager and the Chief Medical Health Officer and includes active participation by members of the City’s Corporate Management Team for continued commitment to implementation.  In addition to the relationships built through the Leadership Table, strong working relationships have been created through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Vancouver Coastal Health.

Video credit:  Andrew Nguyen of Lemongrass Films

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