Our Age-friendly Community Capacity Building program supports communities across the province as they plan for active aging by optimizing opportunities for health, participation and security in order to enhance quality of life for older adults. We provide support, expertise and resources for health authorities, local governments and other key stakeholders for build age-friendly communities.

Age-friendly Community Capacity Building is conducted in partnership with the Ministry of Health and is directed and implemented by BC Healthy Communities. 

ElderConnect is a unified, connected, community-based wellness navigation system developed in partnership with the ElderCare Foundation. By combining online and face-to-face supports, ElderConnect makes it easier to find healthy aging resources, tools, and people in your community and navigate the journey of aging with confidence.

The system consists of three key components:

  • a centralized Smart Hub Platform; 
  • local online community portals; 
  • and Community Wellness Committees made up of local volunteers.

ElderConnect is a partnership between BC Healthy Communities and the ElderCare Foundation. Visit the ElderCare Foundation’s website to learn more about their healthy aging initiatives.

Visit the ElderConnect website to view the online portals for pilot communities.