The PlanH program supports local government engagement and partnerships across sectors for creating healthier communities. Recognizing that community policy, plans, and decisions affect health and well-being, PlanH provides learning opportunities, resources, and leading-edge practices for collaborative local action.

PlanH, implemented by BC Healthy Communities Society, facilitates local government learning, partnership development and planning for healthier communities where we live, learn, work and play. Working together with health authorities, UBCM and the Ministry of Health, PlanH supports the Province‚Äôs health promotion strategy.

PlanH supports local governments to:


Engage with meaningful information, data, tools and resources related to building healthy communities. PlanH offers:

  • Local government action guides and toolkits, promotion of community health data and practical resources and tools
  • Workshops and online learning to support integrated thinking and action

Build relationships and partnerships with health authorities, community partners and other local governments in order to build understanding of health and well-being issues, challenges and opportunities for action. PlanH offers:

  • Regional learning, networking events and facilitated processes support multi-sector collaboration

Work together with health authorities, UBCM and the Ministry of Health in the development of policy, plans and partnerships that create the conditions for all citizens to be healthy.

  • Community success stories from across BC in which local government actions for healthier communities are recognized and promoted
  • A local government funding program which supports leadership, partnership development and action for healthier communities
Why was PlanH Developed?

BC Healthy Communities Society consulted with local governments across the province in 2012 to hear about supports needed to increase community health promotion for citizens of all ages. Local governments told us they needed more support and opportunities to learn, share resources, and partner with other sectors and community leaders.

PlanH was developed in response to the needs identified at these 2012 consultations.