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Winter, COVID and outdoor spaces: What local governments can do to keep their constituents outside and active during the winter months

For many, it’s been easy to be active and social while physically distancing during summer and fall. As we move into colder months, local governments can take action to make it easier for folks to continue to get outside and be active despite the colder and shorter days ahead.
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A new tool for socially connected and resilient communities: the Healthy Social Environments Framework.

Register for our webinar, An Introduction to the Healthy Social Environments Framework, happening on December 1st. As we continue to...
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New! Active School Travel Pilot Program now accepting applications

Schools in B.C. can receive up to $10,000 plus in-kind supports to implement Active School Travel projects through our Active School Travel Pilot Program. Applications close November 15.
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Natural spaces, equity and COVID

Healthy Natural Environments have become some of our most coveted spaces during the COVID pandemic. However, the inequities that COVID have highlighted and exacerbated across society extend to these natural environments.
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Think active communities work isn’t social justice work? Think again.

In the face of COVID, local governments are dismantling many chronic inequities present in our systems—but we may not have had time to consider the connection between active communities and social justice or equity work.
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Healthy Natural Environments Action Guide released

The new PlanH Healthy Natural Environments Action Guide is for local governments across the province working to create healthy, equitable natural spaces.
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Exploring the role of power in equitable community engagement

When talking engagement, we often discuss designing processes to ensure less-heard-from voices are heard. This is incredibly important, but it only addresses the fair distribution of one element of equity—opportunity—among community members.
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On-Demand Webinar: Equitable public engagement – Navigating power when engaging underrepresented populations

How do we integrate an equity lens into our engagement planning in a way that ensures the community members who give their time and energy to our engagement processes are as empowered as possible?
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In both community planning and public health, equity is rooted in social justice and the desire for fairness and equal opportunities for all community members. Read on to learn more about the different understandings of equity in these fields.
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THE ISSUE: Self-Care

By promoting self-care as a primary means of maintaining health and well-being, we forget that not everyone in our community has access to the time, space and sometimes money that are required to perform self-care.
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BC Healthy Communities is a province-wide not-for-profit organization that facilitates the ongoing development of healthy, thriving and resilient communities. We provide a range of resources, programs, funding and fee-for-service offerings that support multi-sectoral groups to collaborate around a shared vision for a common purpose.

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We offer a range of services that reflect our interdisciplinary team’s expertise in planning, public health, and community engagement. Our service model is not linear – rather, it reflects the continuous process of improving and strengthening community health and well-being through policy and programs.

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PlanH supports local governments creating healthier communities through funding, resources, learning opportunities and leading practices for healthy public policy.

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Our Age-Friendly Community Capacity Building program supports communities across the province as they plan for active aging.

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ElderConnect is a unified, connected, community-based wellness navigation system developed in partnership with the ElderCare Foundation.

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