Communicating Impacts and Adaptation: Engaging Communities when Climate Change Comes Home

@ Webcast or Room A104, Bob Wright Centre, UVic Victoria , BC May. 9th 7:00 free

The presentation will offer insights into effective communication of climate change impacts and adaptation, with particular emphasis on the psychological dimensions that underlie people's responses and that can help or hinder their constructive and sustained engagement in preparing for the future. More information here.

Communicating Impacts and Adaptation: Engaging Communities when Climate Change Comes Home

Safeguarding what we know, what we have, what is familiar and treasured in the face of climate change is and will be  an increasingly difficult task. 

For many aspects of modern life, for human communities most at risk from climate change impacts and for countless species and ecosystems the task at hand is nothing short of heroic, and over time it may be "hospice work."

Those charged with protecting and helping natural and human communities and systems adapt are increasingly aware of this challenge (and need support in this task), as do those already well aware of the risks of climate change. 

Many others don't know yet, and many don't want to find out. How do we engage them? How do we communicate with them about climate risks and possible solutions, even if those solutions are imperfect? How do we sustain their engagement for the long haul? 


Susanne C. Moser, Ph.D., Director and Principal Researcher of Susanne Moser Research & Consulting, and Social Science Research Fellow, Woods Institute for the Environment, Stanford University. She is an internationally recognized expert on climate change communication, adaptation, and science-policy interactions. 

Dr. Moser has contributed to IPCC, US national, and other climate assessments. She regularly works with local, state and federal agencies, NGOs, foundations and others on climate change. Susi Moser is a geographer (Ph.D. 1997, Clark University) with broad interdisciplinary expertise, and previously held positions at NCAR in Boulder, Colorado, the Heinz Center in Washington, DC, and the Union of Concerned Scientists in Cambridge, MA. 

She has been recognized as a fellow of the Aldo Leopold Leadership, Kavli Frontiers of Science, UCAR Leadership, Donella Meadows Leadership, Google Science Communication, and Walton Sustainability Solutions Programs.

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