Our Team

How We Work

  • We foster and model principles, processes and practices of community development, emphasizing the value of listening, learning, respect and active engagement;
  • We honour the strengths and experiences of each community, while offering support for capacity building;
  • We promote inclusion of a broad range of people and perspectives;
  • We take a big picture, whole systems approach, identifying roots of issues and looking for ways to leverage change; and
  • We support connections, collaboration and human development at multiple levels: individuals, organizations, sectors and communities.

Who We Are 

Jodi Mucha, BSc, MA

Executive Director

Jodi has a Masters in Environment and Management, over 15 years of community development experience working both at the local and international level.  She also has a strong background in community-based research, social capital, public policy and integral  evaluation.  She provides expertise in multi-sectoral collaboration and partnerships, systems thinking, the healthy communities approach and practical approaches to understanding the links between the determinants of health.

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Claudia de Haan-Hewett, BA

Operations Specialist

Claudia has been working in the field of sustainable (community) development for several years now. She was involved in various sustainable tourism projects in Europe before she moved to Canada. Claudia has a Bachelor of Business Administration and has extensive experience in event management and  coordination, project  and financial management. Through her work and travel experiences in Europe, North America and North Africa she has gained a deep understanding of the importance of communities for creating healthier cities and building resilience.

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Victoria Barr, MHSc, PhD (Planning)

Program Manager

Victoria brings expertise and passion as a research planner, specializing in the connections between community planning, health and well-being. Her work in this area has involved leadership, project management, and partnership development in community health, and developing and implementing public policy in community, school, and local government settings. 

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Celeste Zimmer, BSc

Events & Logistics Coordinator
Celeste Zimmer has been working in the field of community development for the past 11 years. Primarily working to inspire youth through health and environmental education, she is an enthusiastic educator who thrives on empowering others to become more health conscience and environmentally aware. 
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Mikiko Mori, BA

Finance and Operations Coordinator

Mikiko supports the BCHC team with her expertise in finance and administration. As a graduate of Camosun College’s Bachelor of Business Administration Mikiko brings a detailed eye to balancing accounts. She appreciates the value of BCHC’s mission professionally and personally having been born and raised in Shimamoto, a small healthy community in Japan. When she is not crunching the numbers, she enjoys reading and walking. 

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Jennifer Butcher, BSc, MPH

Community Facilitator

Jennifer brings several years of experience as a learning facilitator
and sustainability coach for population health promotion initiatives
to her role. She believes in supporting communities to grow and
thrive through upstream approaches, cross-sector collaboration,
and asset-based strategies.

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Jennifer Nichols, BDes, MSlS

Communications Specialist

Jennifer has over a decade of experience sharing innovative ideas for advancing sustainable development practices. She provides channels for people across BC to participate in community planning processes and build shared understanding.

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Diana Gresku, BArts Sc (Hons), MPH

Community Liaison

Diana has broad experience developing and implementing health projects that address root causes of health disparities in diverse communities. She is passionate about understanding health inequalities and is committed to addressing health issues within her local and global communities.

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Sarah Ravlic, BA, MPlan

Program Coordinator

Sarah is a sustainability minded community planner, who believes that through innovative and authentic community engagement we can better express our deep connection to place and desires for a sustainable and healthy future. She is passionate about the need for high-quality public spaces in our communities, seeing them as integral to the social life and feelings of inclusion.

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Tahia Ahmed, BA

CVYC Coordinator

Tahia is the Coordinator of the City of Victoria Youth Council (CVYC) and, in her role, she provides support and builds capacity for young people to engage with the City of Victoria and the issues they are passionate about.  

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