Building Resilient Neighbourhoods (2013 - Current) (Project)

The Building Resilience Neighbourhoods project is a collaboration between the Community Social Planning Council and Transition Victoria.  It has been developed with the support of the Canadian Centre for Community Renewal, the Fraser Basin’s Smart Planning for Communities, and BC Healthy Communties Society.  These partners provide organizing, fund raising and learning supports pro-bono, and part-time planning support specifically for the demonstration site, Vic West’s resilience efforts. In 2014-2015 work began to support Esquimalt in Resilient Streets activities.  

Funding is generously provided by the Victoria Foundation and the Vancouver Foundation.

What is building community resilience about?

Social, environmental and economic issues are challenging human and community well-being. Meeting our basic needs closer to home through expanding local, co-operative and self-reliant communities is a key strategy to help us reduce our impact on the environment, while enhancing community prosperity and strengthening social ties and community cohesion. Learn more about resilient neighbourhoods.

What is this work all about?

1. A focused, intensive and comprehensive investment of efforts in two Resilient Neighbourhood demonstration sites. Learn more about our Vic West demonstration site.

2. Regional learning and capacity building opportunities. Join our regional connectors table.

3. Activity and support for residents in creating a Resilient Street initiative on their block. Learn more to do it yourself! Find out more about our work in Esquimalt.


Links & Resources

Focus Areas: Inclusion & Diversity
Service Types: Community Engagement , Community Planning Processes