Move it! Exploring Active Community Innovations - A Virtual Forum

@ online May. 17th 9:00am PST - 12:00pm PST FREE

Move it! Exploring Active Community Innovations - A Virtual Forum

As part of the Active Communities grant application process, a half-day web forum will be held on May 17th, 2017. The forum will assist applicants from the Island Health and Interior Health regions to better understand the issue of physical activity and to inspire ideas for innovative applications. 

This half day online forum is presented by BC Healthy Communities Society (BCHC) in collaboration with Island Health and Interior Health.

More information on the Active Communities Grants can be found here.

The purpose of the forum is to:

EXPLORE the role of local government and community partners in addressing physical activity through accessibility, inclusion, community design and public policy;
IDENTIFY how partners addressing physical activity can use collaboration and collective action to achieve greater impact;
DISCOVER innovative approaches to creating active communities and moving the needle on physical activity; and
SHARE stories and dialogue with members of your community and with active communities champions across the province.


  • Introduction to Active Communities (Matt Herman, Executive Director of Healthy Living and Health Promotion, Ministry of Health)
  • Making the Links: Improving Access & Inclusion for Physical Activity and Active Communities (Andrea Carey, Director of Operations and Special Projects, Sport for Life Society)
  • Active Community Design
    • Safe and Preferred Bicycle Lane Infrastructure (Kay Teschke, Cycling in Cities, UBC)
    • Active Living By Design (Tim Schwantes, Active Living by Design, North Carolina)
    • Age-Friendly Active Transportation Planning (Luke Sales, Director of Planning, Qualicum Beach)

  • Approaches to Collaboration and Collective Action
    • Collective Impact to Prevent and Reduce Childhood Obesity (Cheryl Moder, Vice President, Collective Impact, Community Health Improvement Partners, San Diego)

This forum will be interactive and offer opportunities for participants to engage in facilitated discussions, exercises and questions with the speakers. 

Topics: The forum will include a series of informative webinars featuring a variety of engaging speakers focused on physical activity and building active communities. Presentation topics include:

  1. Introduction to Physical Activity and Active Communities: what is the call to action for BC communities?
  2. Physical Activity and Equity, Making the Links: Improving Access & Inclusion for Physical Activity and Active Communities
  3. Community Design and Active Communities: what can municipalities do to design communities that encourage health, well-being and physical activity?
  4. Approaches to Collaboration and Collective Action for Addressing Physical Activity

Who Should Attend?

The target audience for the forum is local governments, health authorities and community partners in the Island Health and Interior Health Regions.

How Do I Participate?

Register here for the virtual forum.

We strongly encourage groups of stakeholders from all communities interested in applying for an active communities grant to attend the virtual forum.  Wherever possible, we encourage you to gather together in-person at a host site to participate in the forum with your community/project partners. Groups will need to be self- organized but information on the necessary supplies and equipment to coordinate a host site will be made available.

What is a Host Site?

A host site informal gathering place where people can convene to watch and listen to the virtual presentations together and participate in group discussion.

A host site could be a classroom, a public meeting room, or even someone’s living room; as long as there is an internet connection, a phone line (with speaker capability), and a screen big enough for a group to view the presentations.

Responsibilities of the host include: 

  • Sending direct invitations to community colleagues to join you in person and participate together;
  • Securing a venue with internet and speakerphone capabilities, as well as a computer that can be connected to a large computer screen or projector. (Audio will be via telephone NOT through the online connection);
  • Providing host site details to the conference organizer to be shared online, including a contact email that would be made available to other registrants from your community/region who would like to participate at your site;
  • Providing a contact email that can be shared with registrants to your session who may have questions about the host site;
  • Ensuring there is a live “host” or facilitator present at the site to set up the room and equipment, welcome people;
  • Participating in a preparatory teleconference to review logistics and to discuss questions regarding host site operation.

Please Register here for this event

For more information about this half-day online forum or if you have questions, please contact Celeste at celeste@bchealthycommunities.ca

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