BC Healthy Communities

BC Healthy Communities (BCHC) is a province-wide not-for-profit organization that facilitates  the ongoing development of healthy, thriving and resilient communities. 

We provide a range of services, programs, events and resources to support communities, local governments and multi-sectoral groups to collaborate around a shared vision for a common purpose.  

Launched in the Fall of 2005, BCHC's Central Office is located in the Dock Centre for Social Impact in Victoria, BC.  We  also have a dedicated team of staff and associates who work from satellite offices throughout  the province.


To promote the Healthy Communities Approach, offering a shared platform for dialogue, collaboration, learning and action

 "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes". - Marcel Proust


All BC communities continually create and improve the social, environmental and economic assets that support health, well-being and the capacity to realize their fullest potential. 

Impact Statement

BCHC improves the abilities of BC communities to be healthy, thriving and resilient by supporting change-ready community and sector leaders and groups to understand and influence systems change, accelerate learning, and collaborate effectively for greater impact.

We work with those who seek to address the root causes of some of society’s most important and complex challenges by developing capacity in five key areas: multi-sector collaboration, transformational leadership, adaptive learning and action, systems thinking and healthy communities literacy. Read our Theory of Change.

Guiding Principles

BCHC is principle-based and committed to being an international leader in the Healthy Communities movement. We are engaged in promoting and supporting positive, long-term change in how we understand and act upon the well-being of our communities. All our activities reflect our commitment to the following principles:

  1. Holistic
    Address all determinants of health, well-being and healthy human development: social, environmental, economic, physical, cultural, psychological and spiritual.

  2. Strength-Based
    Acknowledge and build on existing community strengths and successes.

  3. Building Capacity
    Support capacity building in individuals, organizations, sectors and communities to optimize efforts to create and sustain healthy communities.

  4. Diversity
    Acknowledge and honour the diversity of people and places that comprise BC communities. We will also honour and support diverse priorities and approaches – one size does not fit all.

  5. Community Engagement
    Encourage inclusion and participation of diverse individuals, organizations, and sectors, we will honour the many ways that people make a contribution to community building.

  6. Collaboration & Integration
    Encourage communities to work collaboratively on activities that lead to the integration of efforts to strengthen community health, well-being and development.

  7. A Learning Community
    Act as a learning initiative and foster the creation of a province-wide learning community.