Town of Gibson\'s CAO: Emanuel Machado

Town of Gibson's CAO: Emanuel Machado

Mar 04th, 2014 related to Building Shared Leadership for Climate Action (2010 - Current)

Emanuel Machado is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Town of Gibsons and the Chair of the Canadian Solar Cities Project

For over a dozen years, he has worked with communities throughout Canada, promoting a greater use of renewable energy, efficient buildings, water strategies, social plans and sustainability frameworks, all with a focus on people. For examples,

Emanuel’s passion and commitment to creating sustainable communities is evident in his work in the Town of Gibsons. He combined the Official Community Plan, Strategic Plan and Sustainability Plan to create a hybrid document that balances economic development, the natural environment, and social well-being. 

It is this integration and balance that has been the key element of the plan; as Emanuel says, “the biggest realization we had was we can’t achieve our goals by simply planning each action or each area individually, by oversimplifying ‘this is a health issue’ or ‘that is a housing matter.’ There is the understanding that everything is integrated.”

More recently, Emanuel has been developing a program for the Town of Gibsons, called Eco-Assets, which recognizes the role of nature as a fundamental part of the municipal infrastructure system, leading to cleaner air, clear water, and a healthier community for all.

Watch this short video to see Emanuel explain how his community developed a plan for health and wellbeing.

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