Climate Change and Health Policy

Climate Change and Health Policy

Apr 28th, 2015 related to Building Shared Leadership for Climate Action (2010 - Current)
by Kerri Klein

While climate change has historically been framed as an environmental issue, we know that it will have a range of human health impacts, both directly and through changes to ecological, social and economic systems that influence health outcomes.  

For the last five years BC Healthy Communities has been working on exploring the connections between climate change and human health in BC. 

In 2014 BCHC joined Simon Fraser University Faculty of Health Sciences, the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, The Public Health Association of BC and others to form a BC Climate Change Health Policy Working Group (CCHPG).

The mission of CCHPG is to provide a vehicle for organizing the health sector to document and reduce the impacts of climate change on health in the province while supporting efforts to reduce the sector’s carbon footprint.

 The group has organized a number of collaborative presentations, workshops and panels at provincial and international conferences and will be continuing to develop opportunities to different sectors to take integrated action on these issues.

 To learn more about the impacts of health and climate change read Trevor Hancock’s recently published article “Climate Change Poses Severe Health Risks” 

 Read the BCHC research report "Health Authority Perceptions & Capacity for Action: Health Impacts of Climate Change in BC" here.

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