The A to Z of Healthy Communities: B

The A to Z of Healthy Communities: B

May. 17, 2018 in Tools

Together, BCHC and Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition (one of our colleagues from the Canadian Healthy Communities Network) bring you the A to Z of Healthy Communities—a monthly spotlight for everything encompassed in the Healthy Cities movement.

B is for Built Environment

The "built environment" encompasses human-made or modified surroundings in which people live, work, and play. It includes our homes, schools, workplaces, parks, business areas, transportation and food systems. It also has a direct impact on our physical, mental, and social health.

Download "B" for Built Environment (pdf) and peruse the rest of the alphabet!

A = Asset Based Community Development

B = Built Environment

C = Community Engagement

D = Determinants of Health

E = Evaluation

F = Food Security