The A to Z of Healthy Communities: E

The A to Z of Healthy Communities: E

Jul. 9, 2018 in Tools

Together, BCHC and Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition (one of our colleagues from the Canadian Healthy Communities Network) bring you the A to Z of Healthy Communities—a monthly spotlight for everything encompassed in the Healthy Cities movement.

E is for Evaluation

Program evaluation is a systematic method for collecting, analyzing, and using information to answer questions about projects, policies and programs, particularly about their effectiveness and efficiency. In Healthy Cities context, planners and stakeholders want to know if their programs are producing the intended effect.  Healthy communities are always looking at how projects and policies could be improved, whether the program is worthwhile, whether there are better alternatives, if there are unintended outcomes, and whether the program goals are appropriate and useful. Evaluators help to answer these questions by measuring the impacts on both individual and community health and wellbeing! 

Download "E" for Evaluation (pdf) and peruse the rest of the alphabet!

A = Asset Based Community Development

B = Built Environment

C = Community Engagement

D = Determinants of Health

E = Evaluation

F = Food Security