Building our Capacity to Better Serve Communities

Building our Capacity to Better Serve Communities

Nov. 20, 2017 in Healthy Communities/Cities

A Letter from the Executive Director, Jodi Mucha

BC Healthy Communities Societies (BCHC) is continually exploring how to provide the best evidence-informed and practice-based services and supports to the communities we serve.  As BC’s Healthy-Community leaders, we have an important role to play in maximizing community impact for lasting change. For over a decade, we have been part of the worldwide Healthy Communities movement, and over that time have developed a strong reputation for building individual and community capacity to address tough social and ecological challenges.  And, like any living organism, we’re also evolving.  Over the past six months we’ve been busy enhancing our organization to increase our value-add in the following ways:

  • We’ve strengthened our focus on evidence-based practice to better serve our communities and maximize impact;
  • We’ve enhanced our service delivery model;
  • We’re initiating a refresh of our organizational brand;
  • We’ve optimized our team compliment with an interdisciplinary team that includes registered community planners, public health professionals, community engagement specialists and a research and impact specialist.  Click here to Meet our team.
  • We’re further leveraging the local and international expertise of our Board of Directors in new ways and we are excited to welcome our newest Board member, Allison Habkirk, Planner and Local Government expert and trainer to our Board.

As recognized leaders in the healthy-communities movement, BCHC is setting the foundation for the next exciting phase in our organization’s development. Our 2018/2021 strategic plan will lay out clear and effective goals and directions that evolve directly from our extensive experience in using the Healthy Communities approach and creating hands-on, innovative programs to serve our clients and our communities. Once in place, these service enhancements will generate direct benefits for all our partners and stakeholders.

With the growing complexity of community challenges and need for practical, effective and impactful outcomes, Healthy Communities work has never been more vital. Because BCHC’s accomplishments are so linked to our partners’ goals, we invite you join us as we go through our change process. In the near future we will be reaching out to you in various ways to invite you to travel with us on this journey.

Thanks for your continued partnership and ongoing commitment to building healthier, thriving, resilient communities. We look forward to our continued work with you to create healthy communities for all!


Jodi Mucha
Executive Director


About the Author

Jodi Mucha, BSc, MA

Jodi Mucha, BSc, MA

Executive Director

Jodi has a Masters in Environment and Management, over 20 years of community development experience working both at the local and international level.  She also has a strong background in  engagement and leadership, community change and practice-based research.  She provides expertise in multi-sectoral collaboration and partnerships, systems thinking, the healthy communities approach and practical approaches to understanding the links between the determinants of health.

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