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Getting to Impact: Beyond Population Level Indicators

Getting to Impact: Beyond Population Level Indicators

Oct. 6, 2015 in Articles
The following has been reprinted from the September issue of Engage! magazine. Collective Impact has increased our focus on moving the needle on population level changes. John Kania, Managing Partner of FSG Social Impact Consultants a...

The State of Knowledge in Research on Healthy Communities Initiatives: An Integrated Approach for Chronic Disease Prevention

Jun. 29, 2012 in Articles
This report is an overview of the state of knowledge provided by studies on chronic disease and by research on Healthy Communities initiatives.

Building a Healthy Community to Take Action for Health Promotion

Jun. 15, 2012 in Articles
The Mouvement Acadien des Communautés en Santé du Nouveau-Brunswick (MACS-NB) is delighted to offer you the practical guide “Buildinga Healthy Community to Take Action in Health Promotion.” This tool has&...

Act Locally: Community-based population health promotion (Trevor Hancock)

Apr. 18, 2012 in Articles
The health of individuals cannot be discussed, understood or acted upon without  recognizing that human beings are social animals that have evolved to live in families, social groups and communities.   Community, therefore, i...