Health & Built Environment

" When so many of our patients have the same problems, we must realize that poor health is not caused by a lack of discipline, but may be the result of the built environments in which we live" (Journal of Public Health, 2008).

The connection between health and the built environment has seen a recent and considerable increase in interest. Planning our communities with health in mind helps to improve individual and community health in a variety of ways such as:
  • increased physical activity;
  • increased access to healthy food;
  • reducing injuries;
  • improved access and availability of employment, education and resources;
  • improved air, water and environmental quality;
  • minimizing impact of climate change;
  • decreased mental health stressors; and
  • increased social cohesion and inclusion.
BCHC facilitates collaboration, integration and planning between the work of public health professionals, land-use planners, local governments, environmental groups and community organizations for healthier built environments. 

Projects in this area: