Smart South Island Symposium

@ Victoria Conference Centre - 720 Douglas Street Nov. 25th 9:30 AM - 1:00 PM No Cost

If you had the opportunity to fix one challenge impacting the South Island region, what would it be? Is your commute driving you crazy? Would you tackle the affordable housing issue? Maybe access to healthcare is at the top of your list?

Join Smart South Island on November 25th to share your opinion, speak your mind and influence the future of our region by helping us define our ‘Smart’ 2040 Vision.

Smart South Island Symposium

This is the first event in a two-part Smart South Island Symposium series hosted by the South Island Prosperity Project, to debate the opportunities and challenges that come with the smart and sustainable development of communities across the South Island region.

Register through the Eventbrite page here.

More about South Island Prosperity Project:

The South Island Prosperity Project’s (SIPP) mission is to facilitate and promote the development of a strong, regionally diversified economy on South Vancouver Island. 

Our vision is to do everything we can to build a collaborative, vibrant place to live and work. We intend to bolster our region’s economic and social prosperity by catalyzing the creation of high-quality, household-sustaining jobs, so that more families can afford to live, work and build a life here. 

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