Effective cross-sector collaboration – engaging a diverse group of stakeholders to assume shared responsibility for achieving a shared, mutually beneficial goal – can generate enduring, positive community change that we can see, feel and touch. Success however is not guaranteed.  Indeed, without careful design a collaboration quickly devolves into its “evil cousin,” coblaboration – characterized by talk that never turns into action, redundant meetings and no data to clarify the multitude of opinions.

Collaboration not CoBLABoration: A Conversation with Chris Thompson

Join the Tamarack Institute and Chris Thompson,  Director of Regional Engagement with Fund for Our Economic Future for an exciting talk to help recognize the signs between effective collaboration vs coblaboration.

Chris designed and supported several collaborations during his tenure with the Fund.  Now, he has distilled his wisdom and experience into The Collaboration Handbook a tremendously practical and comprehensive resource that is invaluable for anyone wanting to assess, anticipate and ensure that they have embedded the necessary ingredients of successful collaboration into your work.   

This webinar offers an opportunity to join Chris and learn about:

  • The necessary pre-conditions for collaboration;
  • The core elements of effective collaboration;
  • The essential role of collaborative leadership and,
  • How evaluation of the performance and outcomes of a collaboration differs from evaluating either a program or an organization.

If you are keen to assess the effectiveness of your multi-sector collaboration or are curious to learn more about what to anticipate as your work unfolds, this is a conversation you won’t want to miss.

For more information or to register for this event, please click here

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