Health in a Changing Climate: Impacts and Opportunities for Canada and BC

@ Any digital device in BC Sep. 16th 10:00 - 11:30 am PDT Free

Join us for the first webinar in a free interactive series exploring the health implications of a changing climate, and proactive approaches that communities and organizations are taking to prepare for health risks and opportunities.

Health in a Changing Climate: Impacts and Opportunities for Canada and BC

While climate change is still largely viewed by many as an “environmental problem,” a recent Globe and Mail article indicates that public health experts are now calling climate change “the most pressing health concern facing Canadians.” From increases in allergies, heat stroke and vector-borne diseases to injuries, stress and trauma from extreme events, the public health impacts of a changing climate are an increasing concern in British Columbia and beyond. As the Earth continues to warm, we can expect long-term rises in temperature, more extreme weather, changes to precipitation patterns, and rising sea levels. Changes to our climate and extreme weather events will have real impacts on our health, and the health sector and local communities will play an important role in preparing for and responding to these changes. Increasingly, community and public health leaders are exploring how pro-active approaches to addressing climate change can prevent health problems in the future, especially for our communities’ most vulnerable members, including our children, seniors, people living in poverty, and people with chronic illnesses.


  • Dr. Peter Berry, Senior Policy Advisor, Climate Change and Heath Office, Health Canada
  • Erica Crawford, Program Manager, BC Healthy Communities Society
  • Jennifer Pouliotte, Senior Policy Analyst, BC Ministry of Environment’s Climate Action Secretariat

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LEARN about current knowledge and action on health and climate change in Canada and BC.

EXPLORE examples of actions that communities and organizations have taken to prevent, prepare for, and adjust to a changing climate.

DISCUSS the potential risks and opportunities that a changing climate could present, and what steps could be taken here in BC.  

REVIEW the recently released national assessment "Canada in a Changing Climate: Sector Perspectives on Impacts and Adaptation” and the implications for health and well-being in BC.


  • Health professionals
  • Social service providers
  • Local and provincial governments
  • Community planners
  • Community development professionals
  • Emergency service providers
  • Environmental organizations
  • Community members and community organizations

This webinar series is hosted in partnership by BC Healthy Communities Society and the BC Ministry of Environment’s Climate Action Secretariat.



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