Building SustainABLE Communities Conference

@ Kelowna Nov. 25th $199.00

Building SustainABLE Communities is a highly acclaimed and hugely popular conference that draws delegates from all sectors to celebrate the move toward social, cultural, environmental, and economic well-being. Information-sharing among sponsors, speakers, delegates, and trade show participants is interspersed with social and cultural activities to ensure meaningful and memorable outcomes. On Thursday, November 28th BCHC will be doing a presentation on how to build healthy communities through multi-stakeholder engagement & partnerships.

Building SustainABLE Communities Conference

Background Presentation:

We know that 75 percent of the factors that influence our health occur outside the health system. As a result, many BC local governments and community partners are taking a leadership role in addressing the conditions that affect the health and well-being of their citizens. Join the BC Healthy Communities Society and others for a session exploring opportunities, challenges, and practical tools for collaborating across a diversity of sectors and organizations with the common goal of building healthier communities. Drawing on examples from around the province, panelists will share stories and emerging learning about collaboration between local governments, the health sector, and community-based organizations, and how these efforts are contributing to community health and well-being. Participants will explore and learn about best practices for multi-sector collaboration, and how local policy, planning, and leadership can support healthier people and places.

To find out more about the conference or how to register please visit the Fresh Outlook Foundation website.

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