Kerri Klein

Learning and Innovation Specialist

Over the last ten years Kerri has played a leadership role in a diverse range of sustainability and community development projects that have resulted in cutting edge thinking and innovative approaches to social change. Kerri has extensive experience in program development, adult education, facilitation and public engagement. Her recent role with BCHC has been to support local governments and provincial public sector organizations to develop leadership capacities to address complex issues such as climate change, chronic disease and poverty reduction. 

She has delivered two-day trainings, Climate Action Bootcamps, for local governments in collaboration with the Community Energy Association and also facilitates workshops on public engagement, behaviour change and cross-sector planning for sustainability with local governments across BC.  Currently, Kerri is the project manager in designing and piloting BC Housing’s Tenant Engagement on Sustainability strategy. She is also developing a provincial learning and leadership network for the Ministry of Health’s Healthy Families BC Communities initiative.

Kerri is approved as a Qualified Supplier of Professional Citizen Engagement Services by the BC Government’s Ministry of Labour, Citizens and Immigration. She has a B.Sc. (honours) in Environmental Studies, a certificate in Community Economic Development and a Masters in Environmental Education and Communication. Her recent thesis focused on the psychological influences in social mobilization for sustainability.  Kerri also teaches a course on public engagement and behaviour change for Royal Road’s University certificate in Carbon and Energy Leadership.